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Booking | All Classes Are Now Online

Karen Richmond

Please note there is a new booking process as our classes are now online. Please follow the three steps outlined below to book and attend.

Step 1: Choose your pass and pay

Please select one of the options below and use a debit or credit card, or paypal, to pay. If you'd rather make a bank transfer please go ahead and email me once done.

This term is from now until the 31st May 2020

Step 2: Once you've paid, register for your classes.

Once you've paid, register for your class(es) on the timetable at the bottom of this page. This will send me a notification that you'd like to attend. Before the class starts, when I approve registrations, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the class. This is likely to be between 24 hours and 1 hour before the session.

Step 3: Access the class.

You will receive a confirmation email. The only important part of the email is the link to the online session. The words used are Click Here to Join (see the image below). Click this link shortly before the session. You will be asked to download the Zoom software. Click allow (again, see image below).

6 Class Pass (1-hour classes)

12 Class Pass (1-hour classes)

20 Class Pass (1-hour classes)

1 Class (1-hour class)

1 Class (30-minute class)

Online Class Timetable (20th March - 31st July 2020)

Hilary Scott

9am - 10am Hatha Register
8pm - 9pm Hatha Register
9am - 10am Ashtanga Register
7pm - 8pm Ashtanga Register
9am - 9.30am Ashtanga Register
11.30am - 12.30pm Hatha Register
6pm - 7pm Hatha Register
9am - 10am Hatha Register
11.15pm - 11.45am Meditation
7pm - 8pm Ashtanga Register
9am - 10am Ashtanga Register
9am - 10am Ashtanga Register
10am - 11am Hatha Register