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Free Online Yoga for UK Teachers

and NHS Workers

The pandemic is challenging on many fronts, among them our wellbeing. Yoga can bring us a few minutes to reconnect and re-energise, helping to give us the energy and patience to carry on. Ditchling Yoga, led by Sophie Mills, is offering teachers and NHS workers free access to online classes until 1st June in the hope that it might provide some respite and support for those giving so much at this time.

Class times

Saturdays 10 - 11am Register here

Mondays 8 - 9pm Register here

Wednesdays 6-7pm Register here


These classes are suitable for complete beginners as well those who have done yoga before. Classes aim to support you to find calm and ease in your life, no matter what is going on. Breathing techniques, body relaxation and mindfulness will be taught in these classes. These techniques can then be used outside of the classes. Flowing sequences of poses are used to find space for the breath and to build strength and flexibility.

Classes are accessible, no prior experience is required. We start lying down for the first 10/15mins and practice breathing, meditation and mindful techniques before beginning the moving part of the class. Please be on your yoga mat or a rug and ensure you have any blankets you may need nearby to be warm and cushions for extra comfort.

About Sophie

Sophie holds a BA (1st degree hons) in education and P.E. from Brighton University. Before having her own children, she worked as a primary school teacher, with children with special needs, and then at a PRU.

She has spent over 20 years teaching yoga in the UK and abroad and now teaches in Sussex where she also runs yoga teacher training courses.

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Sophie Mills Ditchling Yoga

Free Online Class FAQs

Do I need to already do yoga?

You do not need to do yoga or to have done yoga. The sessions will help you develop techniques that promote wellbeing.

Is it really free?

Yes. You can register for any of the classes in the timetable for the duration of the pandemic. You should use your school or nhs email so that I can identify you.

What do I need for the session?

• Space to practice (enough floor space to lie down);

• A yoga mat (or similar, a rug is not ideal but would do!);

• An online device so that you can hear and see the session;

• A quiet(ish!) place (don't worry, plenty of pets and kids pop by in people's online yoga classes).

Can people see me during the session?

Up to you. You can turn your camera on or off in the software (we use 'Zoom'). If you turn it off, Sophie can't see you and neither can anyone else. If you turn it on, everyone in the class can see you.

The controls for the microphone and camera are located in the bottom left corner as per the image below.

Sophie Mills Ditchling Yoga

What is the registration process?

1. Register for a session on the timetable page using a school or nhs email;

2. Your registration will be approved before the session. You will get an email (usually between 24 hours and 1 hour before the class) with a link to join;

3. Click the join link in the email just before the class starts (aim for a few minutes before to allow a bit of tech faffing); you'll be invited to 'allow' the Zoom software. Allow it and the class will start. On arrival your microphone will be set to mute and your camera will be on. Please leave yourself muted so that Sophie occupies everyone's screen! (Turn off your camera if you wish).

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